We love Bible Memory


I Want

I also want the boats turned back Mr Abbott
I want little baby boys protected from drowning
I want the wasteful loss of life to stop

I want people smugglers incarcerated
I want borders that can be found without boats
I want empty detention centres

I want a media who demands policies not slogans
I want a forum to discuss solutions
I want to hear more sensible voices speaking for the desperate

I want refugees spoken of as people not aliens
I want to not see skin colour
I want to be a people who give hope to the hopeless

I want Australia to be a refuge for those who are crushed
I want a nation driven by compassion not fear
I want my leaders to fight for justice and the broken

Pray we will love our neighbours as we love ourselves

It’s time to get back on the horse

My blog tells me it has been over 100 days since I last posted anything. How time flies!! There have been a few reasons for the lack of action. A minor case of writers block. A stunning little daughter who likes to play at nights. 3 months of heavy work load. Too much good sport to watch …

Going to try and get back on the horse. Got lots of ideas, thoughts, reviews to share. Now to make time to write ….

What to show your kids at 6am Christmas Day!

Christmas is such an exciting times for young kids. Even the normal sleepers like to get up early to begin the day’s festivities. With Church not starting till 9:30am, what can you use to fill the hours between wake up and Church?

Here it is!!

Scripture Union (UK) has produced an animated movie of the Christmas Story. It is 47 minutes long. It is well made, biblical and interesting. Probably best suited for school age kids.

Watch it on Youtube HERE (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAJAo1nTf6c)

Enjoy celebrating Jesus birth this week.

Parents, Buy yourself a present!

//This is an article I wrote for our church

Amidst all the selfless cooking, shopping, wrapping, carol singing, cleaning, entertaining – it’s ok Parents this Christmas to invest in yourselves. Actually it is really wise.

God calls us to Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.(Proverbs 22:6). This is no easy task. It requires skill, planning and lots of prayer.

imagesAre you feeling a little under skilled? DO you need some fresh ideas? If so then this Christmas buy yourself one of these books. Read them over the summer. Talk about them. Then use their ideas in 2013 as you discilpe your children to know and love Jesus.

1. Let’s Talk about Parenting ($12.95) Tony + Judy Willis

This is an easy to read Australian book capitalising on 35 years of wisdom from the authors. It offers good foundations for parenting. It also offers lots of helpful insights and tips for parents.

2. Gospel Centred Family ($9.95) Tim Chester + E Mollimages-1

This is a really interesting UK book written by guys who want to see families as the hub of mission. The chapter on Grace centred families was a highlight. The Workbook was fantastic in putting ideas into action.

3. Parenting beyond your capacity ($14.99) R Joiner

This US book has been revolutionary for me this year as I have thought and prayed over family ministry at the Point. This book outlines the potential when Parents and Church work together to disciple their children. It also gives clear tips on intentional parenting.images-2

Hope these are helpful. Ed