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Coffe in Port: The Block

Location: Weird. As you enter travel up the escalators to our new space age Coles, there right in front of you is the Block, Port’s own coffee and chocolate cafe. There is no access off the street. You must go into Coles to get to this Cafe. Weird

Cafe: Funky. Polished concrete, pendant lights, black and white decor – it feels like a trendy city cafe more than a country town jaunt. The cafe has a mix of seating – heavy metal chairs which are quite comfortable, mixed with bench seats which are incredibly uncomfortable. Sun fills the cafe making it warm and cosy

Coffee: Yum. They guys there make a tasty brew. My cup was pushing the limits of extraction. It was strong and bitey and left a nice aftertaste. The nice of touch of an old spoon was nice.

The Block is an interesting business idea. The chocolate shop looked great though pricey. The cafe was full of mums pre shopping. They could be on to something.

Coffee in Port: Lush Cafe

Lush Cafe is bright blue and white cafe situated downtown near the wharf. On arrival customers are struck by the warmth of the staff. There is genuine joy in greeting customers. We grabbed our table in the sun, with a beautiful view of the river. Nice start.

The coffee was reasonable. Nice and warm. No bitterness. Good flavour though lacking some depth.

We enjoyed our time in the sun this morning.

Coffee in Bronte: Three Blue Ducks

Before we moved to the sunny, perfect climate of Port Macquarie, we lived in Sydney and spent our day off each week exploring new coffee shops around Sydney. This weekend we were back there for a conference and a family celebration. So we went to Three Blue Ducks, rated Best cafe in Best Cafe Guide 2012!!

Verdict: Pretty good!!

Apart from being a long way from where we were staying in Sydney, Three Blue Ducks is a fun and lively cafe. The coffee was excellent. Strong, great flavour, no bitterness, skilled Barista!! It was on the cold side of what I like, but that could have been the wait for delivery, not the making.

We also chowed down on some of the The menu was adventurous – we weren’t. The options available for a pregnant woman were few and far between. The Egg and Bacon roll was yum – too much egg, not enough bacon. But the relish and sauces were really delicious.

If you are in the East then it is well worth a visit. Dodge the mums in the middle of their walk and grab a seat. It is a fun cafe

Coffee in Port: Cedro’s

It’s been a while. Blogging has been slow recently. Lots of sickness, time away in Sydney, busy at work, writer’s block … But the plan is to get back into the swing of things.

We have found some new coffee ventures in Port.

Cedro’s Cafe

Situated down near the wharf in town, this nice little cafe is a hidden jewel. The outdoor seating is magnificent in winter and the shoulder months. Many an hour can be spent sipping coffee with the sun on your back. The Coffee is Toby’s Estate. My cup was well flavoured, slightly milky, but left a nutty, pleasant flavour at the end. In the future I would go for a piccolo. Of all the coffee in town this is one I would return to.

Coffee in Port: The Corner

When we used to visit PM on holidays, the Corner was our local. With Campos Beans you knew the chances of getting a quality coffee were above average. Parking is easy. The service was reliable. Breakfast is yum. It was our favourite.

Now we are locals and the Corner remains one of our favourites. It is like a reliable friend. It is not the best coffee in town. My brew this morning was under developed, being a little light on flavour. However it was very drinkable, as has every coffee I have ever had there. This cafe is the one you go to when you don’t want risk. AND My little boy loves it because they make the best babychinos!!


Coffee in Port: Beantree

Beantree is a unique cafe on Port Macquarie’s main street. Located down near KFC, it is a hidden treasure. It has a small but warm inside area that was packed with locals at 9am on a Tuesday morning. Outside is a big garden courtyard with plenty of room for kids to roam. It is a little oasis in the busyness of Horton Street.

The Coffee was excellent. The flavour was strong, tasty, slightly acidic and nutty.

This cafe is a real find. Though probably a local haunt for mums and kids, it remains a quality coffee institution serving a rich yummy brew.