Our little girl comes home



Toddlers … Toddlers

This is an article written for my church with some resources for parents with toddlers.

Toddlers are a huge amount of fun, little bundles of energy that have finally got mobility and are now exploring the world (or at least our homes). At the same time they are energy sapping. We battle over the colour of the spoon to use for breakfast. Within 20 seconds of getting in the car the call for ‘music … music’ rings from the back seat.

Parenting these little ones to grow into little followers of Jesus is challenging. Not only do they tempt us to sin in frustration, they themselves show some of the sin they inherited from Adam.

Here are three resources I’ve been reading and praying through this week.

1. Have Patience (Orange Parents) – Kendra Flemming

Kendra writes about being frustrated by little kids. Her 5 tips at the bottom are very practical. If you battle with having patience with your little ones then this is worth a read.

2. Listen, Obey, Straight away (Growing Faith) – Jim French

Jim gives 2 examples of little catch phrases he has taught his toddlers to use throughout the day. We have used ‘listen, obey, straight away’ with our little one with some level of success.

3. The joys of temper tantrums (Growing Faith) – Sophia Russell

Sophia shares a more personal post on what she has observed behind the temper tantrum. Her point that we see the personality of the child is interesting. Worth a read if you see no light in the darkness of tantrums.