Being informed about the sexualisation of girls


//This is a post written for my Church. We reflected on a Dove Commercial (watch HERE). Then we talked about how to speak with our girls about the culture we live in.

The sexualisation of young girls is real.  From TV ads to Magazines, skanky clothing in Target to models on our surf shops widows, dance moves taught to 5 year olds to conversations in the school playground, our girls are being bombarded with sexual messages that shape who they see in the mirror.

God’s opinion is radically different. Each and every girl is handmade by God (Psalm 139:13-14). Their identity is not defined by their body shape, size, weight, looks, beauty, clothing or sex appeal. Their identity is a beloved creature of God. God loves them inside and out. He makes them physically beautiful. More importantly he wants them to be inwardly beautiful (1 Peter 3:4).

Our daughters need their mums and dads, grandparents and friends to remind them of God’s wonderful truth. They need us to be loud voices in their lives, louder the messages sold as truth by our sexualised culture.

As Parents we need also to be informed.

1. Book: Getting Real, Challenging the sexualisation of Girls

This Australian book seeks to expose and address the sexualisation and objectification of girls. Each chapter highlights different issues and provide suggestions on how to respond. Worth buying and reading.

 2. Kids free 2B Kids (Website)

This is a secular website that provides research, information and action ideas against the sexualisation of children. The resource section is very helpful.

3. MTR: Melinda Tenkard Reist (BLOG)

Melinda is an Australian advocate for women. Her blog looks at specific examples of sexualisation of girls (including magazines articles, advertising and music videos). Melinda holds nothing back. She uses shock value. However, she is a loud, informed and respected voice and worth listening to.



One thought on “Being informed about the sexualisation of girls

  1. Thanks for your recent posts, Ed. They have really made me stop and think rather than just go with our cultural ‘norm’.

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