Websites for next gen ministry

Below is a post that I wrote for our church on using the Internet with our families. It’s not exhaustive!!


We are a church passionate about the next generation of Christ followers. We partner with parents in seeing the children and youth of our church grow to love and treasure Christ.

The Internet is now part of our culture. It is a gift for discipleship (though there is much bad stuff on it). Our kids use the internet nearly every day. Here are some sites

Young Children

This was the hardest group to find good quality sites for. ABC for kids is so much better than anything Christian I have found. However, here are 4 worth exploring


There is lots of great resources for Youth on the Web. The best is This is an Australian site for Australian youth. It is well made, well resourced.

If you would like to encourage your Youth to read the Bible in a different way then is a great resource. 16 videos on the 16 chapters of Mark’s gospel. They watch and read and pray. Quality stuff


Resourcing Christian parents is a growing area on the Web. There is lots of good sites worth utilising to equip yourself for the joy of parenting.

  • – This is the best one. Australian. Great, relevant articles. If you only read one site to help you parent in a godly way then this is a great one.
  • – This is an American site that connects parents trying to grow bold children for Christ. Really interesting stuff
  • (H/T Michelle) – This is a site offering reviews of the latest music/games/movies that our kids may want to watch/listen or play. It’s worth knowing what our kids are filling their minds with.



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