3 thoughts on the marriage stoush

It has been another wild week on social media on the topic of marriage. This time the battle lines have centred around the marriage vows. There has been the debate surrounding the changes made to the marriage vows (Read a high level summary of the media debate here). But the real passion has been directed towards a young couple, whom I know and respect deeply, who have stepped into the public realm and shared their opinion. They have been constantly beaten up for a week. Tonight they will be interviewed on the 730 report and my guess in the attacks will return with vengeance on social media and the opinion media tonight and tomorrow. I feel for this young couple whose courage, patience and self control must surely be being tested. Lots of prayers for them

3 thoughts on the debate

1. Let’s practice James 1:19-20

Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger; for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.

Much of opinions on social media are junk – mindless, offensive, incoherent junk (eg. Jensen – you’re a dinosaur!!) . It is tempting to return fire with flaming arrows. I think the wise response is patience. Let’s speak slowly, clearly, without mocking or malice.

2. Let’s be informed

In many cases the Christian response has been as misinformed as the alternate opinion. Bible passages are being prooftexted. Sweeping statements about the meaning of equality, submission, obedience tweeted in 144 characters. Regularly Christians are failing to understand what the other side is saying and fighting for. Sometimes I cringe at both sides.

The thing we must remember is that this issue is not new. We have been working hard on the topic of gender for decades, in parallel with the world as it has has rethought gender. There is a clear and relevant biblical worldview on gender. It is good because it based on the design of our good God. To reject it as unpalatable, irrelevant etc reflects on the Christian not on God. To use it as a bashing rod on the world is equally as foolish.

We must be more informed, especially on what the Bible actually says. We must take leave from the SMH and Facebook and read the Bible and the writers who have been carefully looking at this for decades. If we don’t then the ridicule Christians have been getting for our worldview will be fair.

if you are a reader then there are lots of books. If you need a website to start on then try Peter Jensen’s opinion piece in the Herald today or this city from the Gospel Coalition here.

3. Realize this is not a social media issue

Biblical Manhood and Womanhood is one of the key issues of our time. The temptation to Christians to throw out the Bible on Gender and sexuality is another invitation to the hollow religion of Christian liberalism.  As followers of Jesus we must not try and solve this issue on social media. It is so important that our Churches must devote time and passion to delving into Scripture humbly, prayerfully so that our people hear and understand God’s good plan.  Our youth and adults need to again be reminded of who we are in God’s world.



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