Coffe in Port: The Block

Location: Weird. As you enter travel up the escalators to our new space age Coles, there right in front of you is the Block, Port’s own coffee and chocolate cafe. There is no access off the street. You must go into Coles to get to this Cafe. Weird

Cafe: Funky. Polished concrete, pendant lights, black and white decor – it feels like a trendy city cafe more than a country town jaunt. The cafe has a mix of seating – heavy metal chairs which are quite comfortable, mixed with bench seats which are incredibly uncomfortable. Sun fills the cafe making it warm and cosy

Coffee: Yum. They guys there make a tasty brew. My cup was pushing the limits of extraction. It was strong and bitey and left a nice aftertaste. The nice of touch of an old spoon was nice.

The Block is an interesting business idea. The chocolate shop looked great though pricey. The cafe was full of mums pre shopping. They could be on to something.


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