Growing Faith (#2)

We attended the Growing Faith conference on Saturday.  The Conference was divided into 4 components. The first was an all in family service. My first reflective post can be found here. The next 2 were seminars. I will post on each one we attended

Seminar: Thinking Church and Family

This is one of the big thinking points for Churches at the moment. How do we raise the next generation of confident and robust life long followers of Jesus? The 2 primary groups that will influence the next generation are the family and the church? What roles do each play? How close should they work together? Big questions that shape how we do kid’s and youth ministry and especially how we work with parents and grandparents.

This seminar explored these questions with a bigger emphasis on church than family.

Children are a blessing not a right. This was a great reminder. They are a gift from God. With this gift comes responsibility. To take young ones, who are sinful, and teach them the way of Jesus. The role of family and church with these little ones is truly special

Life is the classroom. Again another great reminder. Children are always watching, always learning. They take in not only what we teach them but how we make decisions. A big challenge was the priority we give to Church. “if church is flexible, then Jesus is flexible”. Very challenging

Psalm 78:1-4. What a great Psalm. “We will not keep the gospel secret. We learnt it from our ancestors and we will share it with the next generation.We won’t keep secret the glorious deeds and the mighty miracles of the Lord.” What a reminder of the role the church and family have. We get to share the Gospel, the story of God, with the next generation.

This seminar touched on the big issues rolling around my heart at the moment. There was some very helpful advice for me as a parent and as a church pastor. I personally enjoyed the openness and humility of the presenters. I was encouraged to continue my pursuit of a wise methodology to lead our Church in port mac in regarding the next generation. Lots of prayer needed.


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