Coffee in Bronte: Three Blue Ducks

Before we moved to the sunny, perfect climate of Port Macquarie, we lived in Sydney and spent our day off each week exploring new coffee shops around Sydney. This weekend we were back there for a conference and a family celebration. So we went to Three Blue Ducks, rated Best cafe in Best Cafe Guide 2012!!

Verdict: Pretty good!!

Apart from being a long way from where we were staying in Sydney, Three Blue Ducks is a fun and lively cafe. The coffee was excellent. Strong, great flavour, no bitterness, skilled Barista!! It was on the cold side of what I like, but that could have been the wait for delivery, not the making.

We also chowed down on some of the The menu was adventurous – we weren’t. The options available for a pregnant woman were few and far between. The Egg and Bacon roll was yum – too much egg, not enough bacon. But the relish and sauces were really delicious.

If you are in the East then it is well worth a visit. Dodge the mums in the middle of their walk and grab a seat. It is a fun cafe


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