Resource: The story of stuff project

It’s hard teaching kids with little money about money. Sure, some of them have a $60 a week job at Macca’s or babysitting or … but most struggle through on the generosity and loose change of their parentals.

At Youth we have been doing a series on Money and Wealth. In week 2 we took a different track. We looked at the secular video: The Story of Stuff project.

This is a well made 20 min doco on what materialism is doing to the world.

I love it because:

  • It gave good clear illustrations of the stuff culture
  • It made stuff not money the issue (better for youth)
  • It did not give a cheap answer (recycle … ) but opened the door to more thinking

It had some struggles

  • It is American and a little left wing at points. Need to filter that out
  • The presenter can be annoying to some
  • I wanted more at the end

We used the video as a springboard into a small group study based on Matthew 6:25-33. As a community we wrestled with what it means to seek first the kingdom of God especially with how it relates to the piles of stuff in our lives. Many were challenged.

The Story of Stuff project is a really great website full of resources and videos.


4 thoughts on “Resource: The story of stuff project

    • It was mainly through off the cuff anti US Foreign policy comments in the video. My thought is that it is never as simple as US goes into other countries to simply steal their stuff. There is no doubt truth in this but it is a quick jab rather than a good reflection in my opinion.

      The US centric negative is mainly as I am thinking from an Australian perspective and don’t want to just take the US statistics as par for Australia. Though I imagine we are not much different in principle.

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