The way we talk about church matters.

(this is my article for our church a few weeks back)

Positivity is infectious.

Our Annual Celebration last Sunday reminded me of the power of positivity. I went home immensely thankful that God has brought me to Port Macquarie to be part of The Point Community Church. Jesus is at work.  He is saving new believers. He is transforming adults into more radical disciples, loving husbands, trusting wives, bold proclaimers of him and his gospel. He is growing the next generation into radical disciples. Our Church is a gift from God. When we stop to see the good things God is doing in our brothers and sisters, it drives us to our knees in thankful joy. It moves our hearts to want our neighbours and friends to believe the Gospel and be part of our community. It helps us trust the Lord in all seasons as we have seen he has been faithful to our community. Positivity is infectious.

Negativity is infectious

Our Church is not immune from the critical spirit of our modern world. Many of us battle hard with James 1:19, instead finding ourselves quick to judge, quick to speak and slow to listen. We treat Church like a performance to appraise rather than a community we belong to. Little issues take up our passions. Our words become arrows of judgement and division.

Negativity is a lead balloon for the church. It stalls us. Rather than being a community on joyful mission, we become a community of critics. Of course there is a place for robust conversation, growth and improvement. However, unbridled negativity causes our focus to move from God to ourselves.

Grace is infectious

The cure to negativity is not naivety but grace. Only as we remind each other of the abundant grace Jesus gives us in the cross and as a church will we see negativity for what it is – small and insignificant. The God of the universe is at work in us. He is changing lives. He is reaching the lost through us. He is bringing himself glory in his people. Grace replaces negativity with thankfulness.

Jesus wants the way we speak about church to be shaped by grace not criticism. Paul says “Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear” (Ephesians 4:29).

The way we speak about our church is infectious. How do your words infect our community?


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