What do we do with Africa? (#3)

West Africa is in a crisis. Matthew Wade’s article from last Saturdays SMH A Tragedy in Niger highlighted the problem in graphic ways. How do we in the safety and abundance of Australia respond?

Step #1 – Be aware. Appropriate action flows from an informed heart.

Step #2 – Play an active part in prompting Macro response.

Whilst 99.99% of individuals in Australia can make no macro difference to the problems in Africa, we can all respond in micro ways. We can help 1 person. We can help 1 child. We can provide 1 bag of food. We can provide 1 injection of medicine.

When the numbers are this small, the opportunity becomes manageable!!

I am not naive. I know when i purchase “water supplies” from tear, not all my money goes to the water supplies. There is a pool that my money goes into and is distributed hopefully wisely by the corporation I donate too.

However is this an excuse not to try and help 1 person?

There are stacks of organizations working in west Africa trying to help that 1 person, that 1 child, get food for tomorrow. Check them out.

My preferred group is Compassion. I love their values. I love their action on the ground. I appreciate how they inform me.
Step #3: There is a micro response every human can make.
The micro response is caring for 1 person. 1:1. When you think of it like this it is never overwhelming.
More tomorrow …

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