Blogging and Ed Stetzer

(This is part 4 in a series of blogs that I enjoy to read. See the other three under ponderings)

Ed Stetzer’s Blog is more like a library than a blog. It’s bursting at the seams with information, book reviews, papers, thoughts etc. It is a blog I dip into rather than read regularly.

Ed is a jack of all trades. He is a traveling academic, missiologist, practical thinker, writer of Christian living. Each blog is quite different, from simple reflections and ideas to deep, thoughtful treatises on topics.

I have really enjoyed dipping into Ed’s blog the last month since he visited Australia. Three highlights

1) The series of posts on Church Planting in Australia

5 simple and enlightening posts on our country. Ed looks into our culture through an American lense. He highlights some key areas to think through especially with regard to Church attendance. The highlight for me is his humility. He does not write as the expert on Australia. Quite the opposite. He asks good questions and uses Australian guys in his posts to reflect on those questions.

2) Monday is for Missiology

The previous few Mondays Ed has been posting on mission in our local cultures. Last Monday (30/4) he looked at how Paul adapts to reach different cultures. It is a wonderful post with some great incites and challenges to us working in churches trying to reach our cities.

“The problem is that many of us have forgotten that ministry must be less about us and more about Jesus, His Kingdom and His mission. When I look to Paul, I am struck with his boldness and savvy. May we all be bold and wise as we engage an increasingly hostile and confused culture around us with the greatest news the world has ever known–Jesus Christ, the way, the truth and the life.”

3) Resources

Ed gathers (or is sent) funny and helping tools/illustrations that he shares. My favourite recently was this one from Tony Reinke (Desiring God)

Ed’s blog is a wonderful resource. Thanks mate.


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