Why I like the Voice

I don’t like cringe. I dislike talent quests. I turn off reality TV (except Masterchef!). So why am I drawn to the Voice?

There is no doubt that the Voice is as stage managed and manipulative as all its genre. Yet I like it. I can watch it without throwing my remote at the TV in frustration. I even found myself enjoying it.

3 thoughts
1) The MC (whatever his name is) is NOT the hero. He rarely speaks more than 1-2 sentences. Unlike Hayley Lewis on The Biggest Loser, he never gives his lines in a plastic, practiced way. He is like the conductor of an orchestra – significant yet invisible

2) The judges are genuine professionals. They know what they are doing. They have more than 1 hit to their name. They are seasoned musio’s who bring quality and credibility to the show. They are also positive without being cringy. Potential is seen and encouraged. Failure is noticed. The difficult art of encouragement is on show.

3) The performers are getting better. This is key for the Voice for after the ‘magic’ of the invisible choices (where the judges could not see the performers – hence the show being called the voice), the show has got better. The performers in the battle rounds have (for the most part) got better. That is unusual. There has been thinking done in pushing performers to sing different styles. Training was done to get them to sing as pairs. Songs were chosen to give the show variety. Clever!!

I am sure The Voice will go the way of Australian Idol, X Factor and other contests. But season 1 has been interesting. They have skinned the cat in a new and fresh way.



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