Blogging and Byron Smith

Byron’s Blog (Nothing new under the Sun) is a thought provoking read. Byron is a smart dude. He thinks well, reads widely and writes well. I enjoy his blog as it challenges me to think globally about my own ethics.

Byron is deeply passionate about environment. However he is not a save the world greenie nor is he a blame people who drive cars ranter. Byron seeks to investigate the facts behind climate change and then explores how Christians can respond. Here is an example from 3/4/12.

“No one who believes in a God that loves all people should be able to sit by as the wealthy harm the poor on a massive scale.”- John Torrey, Why Religious People Must Speak Up About Climate Change, Huffington Post, 21st March 2012.

This piece clearly articulates one of the key ethical drives behind caring about climate change. Given that it is the wealthy who are by and large responsible and the poor who are most vulnerable, it represents a form of global injustice. We could add to this that it represents intergeneration injustice, another way in which those who have done little or nothing to contribute to the problem are left with facing the worst consequences. …

If you are interested about climate Change and Christianity then his posts are well worth the read.

Aside from his climate change passion, Byron dips into topics with wonderful poise and wisdom. His blog on Easter Saturday was profound. His reflection on religious illiteracy was enlightening. His thoughts on why Titanic captures the world’s imagination was wonderful writing.

Byron’s blog is not an easy read. But it is a rich and enlightening read especially for those who want to think and comment well on Christian ethics, the environment and global events.


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