Blogging and Andrew Errington

(This is the 2nd in a series of posts on blogging. The first can be found HERE. This series will highlight some blogs I read to stimulate my thinking, imagination and life.)

Andrew Errington’s Blog Deacons and Dragons is a wonderful read. Andrew is Christian man working for a great Church in Sydney. His blog is a random canvas of ideas, thoughts and teaching exploring many aspects of life. At times he is deeply intellectual as he debates and wrestles with significant topics of our day. Other times he explores culture and nature with insight and wisdom.

My first highlight post was Andrews reflections on the baptism of his daughter. I have been pondering baptism for our boy for the last 18 months. I am still exploring the issue. However it was a gift to read the measured thoughts of a Christian man as he shared with family and friends why they chose to baptize her.

Baptism is indeed a strange thing — much stranger than perhaps you thought before today! It is beautiful and terrifying in the seriousness with which it takes life and sin and God. But this is because the truth about the world is also terrifying and beautiful. We are not merely animals. Life is not just about trying to get along. We are the creatures of the holy and loving God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, whose service is perfect freedom, and whose forgiveness through the Lord Jesus Christ is the greatest thing we can ever have, and the best thing, L. and I believe, we can offer our children.

The second highlight has been Andrews 6 posts on Regeneration. They are wonderful. Simple, short, yet clear and faithful. Andrew argues clearly for a more Christ centric than human experience understanding of regeneration. Wonderful!!

Regeneration is a theological description of the transformation that takes place in a human life that is joined by the Spirit to God’s recreative work in the resurrection of Jesus. As such, whatever experiences may have accompanied this transformation, “regenerate” is rightly predicated of all who have faith in Jesus Christ and repent of their sins.

The Blog is not an easy read, but it rich and rewarding. Thanks Andrew.


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