Reality vs Real TV

I’m quite partial to reality TV. My heart pounds when a swimmer is sucked into a rip at Bondi (again). 24 was an integral part of my life last decade. Masterchef is a staple part of life from April to July (even with all the tears). Some reality TV is horrendous. A lot is harmless fun.

Real TV is a different matter. There are a few shows on TV that get behind the performance and really open doors into peoples lives. In real TV we may not be entertained but we are always challenged and left to ponder life, people, culture and ourselves. I love Real TV.

The most consistent Real TV at the moment in Australian Story (ABC). Each week the story of an Australian is explored. Sometimes it is a well known figure or event (eg. the death of a cyclist by a well known barrister in Adelaide). More often it is an Australian we don’t know whose story is infamous yet profound.

The last 2 weeks have deeply challenged me. Both Daniel Clark and Leigh Woodgate have disabilities. Yet neither have succumb to a victim mentality. Both have chosen to live a full life. Both have taken risks. Both were deeply profound on how life works.

I love people. I love life. I think God has made it beautifully complex. The darkness and greyness is not defeating. As we wait for sin and death to be removed and the new creation to begin, much can be learnt about life from the people who live in God’s world. Australian Story reminds me each week to get to know people.



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