Coffee in Port ~ Zebu

Without doubt Zebu Cafe has the best view in Port. Wall to wall windows celebrate the beautiful Hastings river with its paddlers, pelicans and dolphins swimming past. On a beautiful day you can imagine sitting in this cafe for a long time staring into space.

The Cafe itself had a modern feel with options of tables, bar stools and lounges. It was cold this morning with AC combining with a coutherly breeze making it a little fridge like.

The coffee was reasonable. Mine was too hot which damaged the taste. Yoda was more impressed with his.

This cafe is well worth a visit.

Yoda’s Review

  • Coffee: 4/5
  • Insight: An enjoyable experience made special with dolphins though a little tense because of the cops across the road.

(Yoda is dear friend in Port, a coffee connoisseur, an available suitor, a deep love for King Jesus)


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