Gotta love George

Last Friday George Clooney and his Dad were arrested. They had not been caught drunk or being morons. They were protesting the lack of humanitarian aid being sent into Sudan. They refused to move on when the police ask. They were arrested, put in cuffs, led away to be charged. You can read the story here.

What a great model for western Christians!!

I often here people thanking God that we are not persecuted for our faith in Australia. This is a blessing from God as we can get on with being Christian without the barriers faced by our brothers and sisters in other countries. However, the question we must ask is why are we not persecuted? The wonderful Gospel of Jesus, the proclamation of grace, forgiveness and new life with the creator comes with a deep challenge – give up your idols and current way of life and turn to Jesus as your God and king. It is not palatable in any country. But we live in a country where the normal Christian can thank God they are not persecuted.

Our Goal is not to be arrested like George. Our mission must be to have the same passion as George who stood up for his ideal even to the extent of arrest. The cynic will argue this was good publicity for George. Maybe it was. Despite this he is a model of faith in action. He stood up and took the cost of being loud and proud.

Will we stand up for the people in Africa? Will we stand up for King Jesus whose gospel is the best news for the world?


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