1 month at The Point

Our commissioning

It has been an incredible month for our little family. We have moved home, changed churches, made new friends, started a new job, begun learning a new culture, tried to buy a house, been to Melbourne, had wonderful visitors and ….

We have so much to thank God for. We are being stretched. We are learning so much. We are learning so much as a married couple. Two things I have learnt.

(1) It is hard being a newcomer.

More than ever before I have understood how hard it is to join a church. The swathe of people is at times overwhelming. Learning the culture is intense. Feeling settled takes much longer than 2 weeks. As newcomers join our churches we need to empathise with how they are feeling. It’s new and daunting for most. The more time we give to befriending and loving them, the quicker they will conenct.

The welcome for us at the Point has been wonderful. I thank God for the people who have helped settle us new people into our new church

(2) When everything is thrown in the air, Jesus is steadfast.

We have not been displaced or undergone great suffering. But we have experienced major change for the first time in our marriage. When our wonderful home church and friends and family are 400km away, we are forced to rely on each other and our Lord Jesus. This has been refreshing. I am so thankful for my wonderful wife and the constant support she is to me and our little man. I am so thankful to Jesus for being constant and faithful. Change has grown me even though I deeply miss the people in my life from the south.

1 month down … many to go. Looking forward to it.


One thought on “1 month at The Point

  1. Thanks for your insights. Yes, it is hard being a newcomer. With changes in life, we must keep fixing our eyes on Jesus and rely on him in all circumstances.

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