Kony, Youth and the World

It has been an amazing week of global ‘online’ action. 3 days ago 500,000  people supported the action to capture Joseph Kony and put him on trial for horrific human rights violations. In the last 2 days 10,000,000 have joined the action. Unlike the Occupy movement this movement has a clear goal – the arrest of Joseph Kony. You do not have to search far to learn of the crimes Kony has orchestrated. He truly is an evil man.

Many cynical FBers have commented why this movement is capturing all the attention. There is obviously other tyrants and evil atrocities going on in the world. Why did we choose him? Others comment on why the world has gone all moral about this man. Why fight for this justice when there is so much injustice? It has been interesting reading.

I love the movement. I love the leader who is clear, articulate and courageous. He has a goal and has captured a team, a nation and now the world. I hope he succeeds.I love the fight for justice. It helps me look locally at my blind spots as well as get on board with big things overseas. I love the freedom to unite, speak and act. What a blessing.

As a Christian I love the potential that movements like this show me. It is exciting. There is an undercurrent of passion in the world that when it is tapped can move mountains.

What would happen if the Christians in this group got as excited about sharing Jesus? What would happen if FB united 10,000,000 young Christian in prayer and active evangelism of the lost? Revival. The Kony movement is wonderful. The invitation to a new life with Jesus is better. Let’s pray God uses this passionate generation to reach the world for Jesus.


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