VCYC: Jesus is alive

It was a wonderful weekend with the saints in Melbourne last weekend. I was reminded again how wonderful our God is. He is doing his work, growing his kingdom, across the world. Men and women of faith are staking their life on Christ. I came home tired yet full of joy as I saw God’s powerful hand in this wonderful community.

The music team were a gift from God. They were passionate, prepared, authentic and utterly clear on their role in the conference. They supported the teaching. They modeled repentance, praise and the right attitude to God and his word. I thank Jesus for them.

The song list was beautifully created to support the teaching. All songs lifted our eyes to Jesus’ resurrection whilst reminding us of the cross and our place in God’s family

  • Tell the world (Hills)
  • Lord I lift
  • Jesus Lives (Sovereign Grace)
  • How Great is our God
  • Mighty to save (Hills)
  • Our God (Tomlin)
  • Happy Day
  • Christ is Risen (Maher)
  • In Christ alone
  • Let your Kingdom come
  • My redeemer lives
  • Jesus paid it all

It was a privalage to serve with the VCYC team. These guys do a wonderful job and my prayer is they will continue to serve Jesus and promote his Gospel for a long time.

The talks went well. I was so encouraged how the kids responded and their questions showed a deep passion to follow Jesus in real and practical ways. The most common Q from the weekend is how do I know if God is speaking to me? It reminded me of how important it is to reach kids how to read the word and pray. Simple things but they connect us in a reliable and powerful way with out saviour.

If you want to listen to the talks they will be up on the VCYC website soon





3 thoughts on “VCYC: Jesus is alive

  1. Hey Ed,

    Thanks for presenting the message in such a relevant way that impacted so many over the weekend. Loved being reminded that we serve a LIVING GOD !!!

    Huge Blessings to you and your fam 🙂


    PS. Dave May says Hello 🙂

    • Thanks Nik
      Hope your voice healed.
      Was great seeing you guys at work on the weekend. It was a blessing

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