The best thing about Port is … (#2)

A brand new coles is open in Port Macquarie. It has this spaciousness and lighting a prepackaged gourmet deli, a ‘we slice it for you’ bakery and deli and it makes you want to buy things. Except clothes, I rarely think, I’ll just grab some new shorts with my milk, toothpaste and canned tomatoes. Today we shopped at the growers market, butcher and IGA – just like home, except there’s also a fish shop and a cafe – Northmead eat your heart out. Had a chat to the butcher and the fruit shop lady and picked up an old edition copy of the SMH.  The people I speak to most frequently, my closest relationships are with real estate agents. I recognise their mobiles on my phone, I can predict when they will call, we have regular ‘dates’ on Saturdays at various locations in town, I know where there live and who renovated their kitchen last year. Clearly with this expertise I should become at REA or perhaps start some sort of real estate outreach…



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