Pondering the resurrection of Jesus #1

In March I will be speaking at VCYC, north of Melbourne. We will be looking at the resurrection of Jesus over the weekend. As I have been reading some very provocative quotes have struck me. I will be posting a few of them over the next month.

Sam Storms (What if Christ is not risen?)

I can honestly say that I’ve staked my life on an empty tomb. Everything I am, everything I own, everything I’ve done or hope to do hang suspended on whether or not Jesus of Nazareth rose from the dead.

The decision I made decades ago to put my trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is only as good as the tomb is empty. The decision I made to pursue ministry rather than some other career path was wise only so far as the tomb is empty. My decision to attend theological seminary, pursue doctoral studies, and to launch Enjoying God Ministries, was vain and futile and downright stupid if the tomb wasn’t empty.

Whom I married was dictated by whether or not the tomb was empty, for I would only have married someone who herself had staked everything on an empty tomb. How we have chosen to raise our children was shaped and formed by values that make sense only if the tomb was empty.

If Jesus didn’t rise from the dead, my life is a sham. I’ve invested everything in, staked everything on, entrusted everything to the historical fact of the empty tomb of Jesus. If his body and bones are still buried somewhere in Palestine, or have long since disintegrated under the force of time and the laws of physics, nothing has meaning for me, nor do I have meaning for anything or anyone else.


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