A very special welcome

Sunday 5th Feb – we officially started at the Point. We arrived full of excitement and a little nervous. We were leaving the quiet 5 weeks of holidays for the privileged, yet very public role of a ministry family.

The welcome could not have been more warm. From the moment we arrived God’s people welcomed all three of us with a depth of love only grace can create. Many spoke to us of the prayers they had been prayed for us. Others shared their hopes for how God would use our little family. Most were simply excited to meet Gill and the little man who put on a full load of charm for the morning.

During the 830 Congregation we were introduced, prayed over and Ed was ordained a pastor of the point. What an honour! To be freed to lead, feed, nurture and love God’s sheep. It reminded me of the privilege it was to serve at St Ives and Northmead. Now we ask God to use us up here.

The little man was well loved through the morning (though he ran out of juice at 10:30am). A very special welcome was given by another little boy the same age. The ran up to each other, stared at each other, then the other little boy gave him a big kiss on the cheek. Wow!! The they ran off together to creche and played (parents in tow).

If you are a prayer then please pray for us as we take up this charge to shepherds God’s people.

it was really wet during our first week up here


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