Consumerism vs Conservation

I have only ever lived in beautiful, rich, amazing places. It has seemed simply natural for me to have everything I need and nearly all my wants. Living in Australia it is hard to imagine let alone see what life beyond our wonderful country looks like.

Over the last few years I have been reading and thinking about the ripple effect of our standard of living as it impacts the world. How does my enjoyment of stuff impact other peoples? How does my life affect the earth?

Most of us have been exposed to the topics of carbon pollution, free trade coffee, slave labour used in clothes, technology etc. We are called to think globally about the choices we make on goods we buy and resources we use. This is all at the same time as more toys, travel, dodgy products fill our lives.

Greenpeace has released this new video online. It is a wonderful picture of ugly consumerism that dominates our lives. They contrast it with a different set of wants; desires for a better earth. Clever.

The tag line is interesting. Makes me think of Genesis 1. The problem though is that while humans have a sinful heart, ignoring their creator, they will never live as wise creatures caring for our world. Greenpeace has a good dream. It’s just more impossible than they realise.

As a Christian I have a new heart. I know my good God has made this world. And though broken and fallen I can still play a tiny role in caring for it. Consumerism is not my heart any more. I can fight it by caring for the earth. I can fight it by caring for the people that make my stuff.


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