the adventure begins

Port Macquarie is now our home. It’s taking some time to believe this fact. This beautiful town of beaches, coffee, cyclists (too many of them), koalas, bushwalks, and locals is our home. We are not here for a holiday. We are not here for a sea change. We are here to serve God’s Church at The Point Community Church and be a blessing to this city. This opportunity blows us away.

Of course we are missing Northmead Church this week (and for many more). We know that programs have begun, dreams are being prayed over, new leaders have begun, 645 Church has met, new small groups are starting, new kids are meeting Jesus. Now we pray in partnership with our old friends.

Of course we miss our families. We would not have got to Port with out their help. We look forward to their visits.

Amidst all the ‘missing’ we are deeply excited. How will God use us in this city? Who will we meet tomorrow? When will Louise arrive? We start this Sunday at The Point Community Church. It is scary, exciting, humbling. May God use us to glorify him.

Every day is very different up here. Looking forward to the adventures ahead.



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